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   When Discount Siding Supply was founded in 1986, it had one 2-man crew and was operated out of a residential garage.  After expanding several times to larger facilities, Discount Siding Supply, L.P., is now located at 2706 Plaza Ave. in Hays, Kansas, and has 11 applicators covering all of Western and Central Kansas.

   Discount Siding Supply L.P., has set itself apart in the market place by refusing to use sales gimmicks, instead offering low discount prices every day on quality products both installed and sold over the counter.  Besides ranking as one of the most economical companies in the market, Discount Siding has little turnover among its installation crews.  This is primarily credited to allowing the applicators to become limited partners in the company which results in continuity of quality workmanship and increased pride in the finished project. 

   Our philosophy is that all siding looks the same driving 30 mph down the road.  It's when you slow down and take a closer look that you can tell the difference in the trim and detail work between an average job and a superior "Discount Siding" job.  We don't have sales because we offer discount prices every day.  We believe that if you offer quality workmanship and quality products at reasonable prices, everything else takes care of itself.



Discount Siding Supply, L.P. is Lead Safe Certified by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as a Licensed Renovation Firm.  By law, anyone who disturbs more than a few square feet of painted area on a home (think replacement windows, doors, etc...) MUST be Lead Safe Certified by the State of Kansas and follow Lead Safe Practices while doing the work on your home.  Do not endanger those who live in your home by not using a Licensed Renovation Firm to complete your project.  Additional information can be obtained on request from Discount Siding Supply, L.P. or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


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