Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

We started Discount Siding Supply on January 1, 1986 and, although we have had numerous locations in Hays over the more than 30 years we have been operating, we have been at our current location at 2706 Plaza Avenue in Hays for almost half of that time.


Do you have your own crews or do you just use any contractor that is available?

We have 3 excellent crews and are constantly looking for more if they are dependable and meet our standards. Our crews are actually Limited Partners in our company so they have a vested interest in the quality of the finished product as well as our reputation. Your satisfaction is their ultimate goal.


Does it cost anything to get an estimate on siding, windows, or other services you offer?

No! All estimates are free of charge!


What products do you offer?

We offer Vinyl siding, Steel siding, Seamless Steel siding, Lp Smartside engineered wood siding with the DiamondKote finish, and Celect composite siding. We also offer Thermal, Soft-lite, and Window Mart custom replacement windows. We are a Wausau custom premium entry door outlet as well as offering Steel patio covers, carports, awnings, storm windows and doors, porch railing, vinyl fencing, and last but certainly not least, Temo Sunrooms.


What kind of warranty do your products have?

All of our vinyl and steel products (including seamless steel) have a Limited Lifetime warranty which basically covers any manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original homeowner including all material and labor. Vinyl manufacturers have no deductible and steel manufacturers have a small deductible after 3 years. Both vinyl and steel revert to a 50 year prorated coverage for the second and subsequent homeowners. Celect composite siding has a Limited Lifetime warranty with a 25 year color protection which covers all labor and material with no deductible. LP Smartside with the DiamondKote finish provides a 50 year Limited warranty with a 30 year color protection warranty which covers all labor and material with no deductible. All replacement windows carry a Lifetime warranty. All products handle acts of God such as wind, hail, etc… differently. In most cases those claims are secondary to homeowners insurance which means that the warranty only covers a claim if you are uninsured and then for material only. Some details are different for each product and can be reviewed on the manufacturers links on our website at


Do you have to tear off the siding we have now to install new?

This is a tricky question that has many moving parts. If you have vinyl, steel, aluminum, or a ¾” wood lap siding then that siding must be torn off in order to allow any new siding to “lay” properly. Batten strips on a wood or Masonite board and batten look will also have to be removed for this reason. In addition to this, it must be taken all the way down to the sheeting and house wrapped in order to install the LP Smartside DiamondKote engineered wood or Celect composite siding products as they need a smooth surface to go over. With that being said, the vast majority of vinyl and steel installations can go right over your existing siding, utilizing whatever insulating value it has, and, with the building out of the window and door casings prior to wrapping them, you end up with a finished project looking exactly the same as if you would have torn off the siding first. The siding is screwed through the existing siding and into the studs so it’s secure for a lifetime!


Will I have to install new inside trim when getting new replacement windows?

Answer: No. In 99% of the cases when installing custom replacement windows your existing interior trim will remain and not be disturbed. I the rare case when your existing trim for whatever reason is not compatible with the new window installation we will provide and install the new trim to your specifications to match your existing trim. We do not, however, provide painting or staining services.


For storm repairs do you deal directly with our insurance company?

While we work closely with most insurance companies in the case of storm damage in order to get you all repairs that you should get based on your policy, the insurance company itself does not have the legal ability to contract directly with us to get the repairs completed. Our services are between Discount Siding Supply and the homeowner. Because of this we do not accept assignment to your insurance company. You are responsible for payment to us and collection from your insurance company although we will assist you when applicable.


Do you offer financing?

 We do have some dealer financing available on request but with the interest rates as they have been for the past several years you are much better off dealing with your local bank or credit union if possible.


Do I have to pay a down payment?

In most cases a down payment is not required. In the case of custom ordered products such as replacement windows we may ask for a partial payment to secure the contractual obligations of the custom order. Many customers like to make a payment up front so that the final payment is not as large. Our primary policy is payment on completion. As our crews are actually limited partners in the company, we have them provide a statement a day or two prior to finishing and then ask for payment when the project is completed and all is cleaned up.


Will my price change from the estimate to the final billing?

Only if you request additional work during the project. All original estimates are guaranteed because we order all materials within a few days of the sale date. Our arrangements with our suppliers guarantees our prices as of the date that they are ordered, not the date of delivery so that we can protect you, the homeowner, from any later price increases.