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Seamless Steel Siding

PermaFinish Seamless Steel Siding

PermaFinish creates the ultimate shield for your home with a resilient Kynar PVDF finish, ensuring long-last beauty and durable protection! Constructed of roll-formed Galvalume AZ-50 steel for maximum resistance to hail and tested to withstand hurricane-force winds exceeding 160 mph.  The PVDF coating resists dirt buildup, staining and mildew. Only PermaFinish with it’s Kynar PVDF coating provides a luxurious, low-gloss color that resists scratches, chipping, and fading with a 35 year chalk and color change warranty.


**Available in Seamless & Box Steel

**Seamless Profiles available:  4", 4" Dutchlap, 8", 8" Vertical 

Visit PermaFinish Website for more Information!


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